At Ublossom, we want you to feel good. To eat a chocolate that is in accordance with your values:

Our commitment: No more feeling guilty!  To avoid the darkside of cocoa we select our beans according to the social and ecological commitment of both producers and cooperatives:

– A strong commitment on the part of cooperatives and producers against abusive and dangerous child labour.  As an example, the cooperatives KoKoo in Ghana is used to organize information sessions on the consequences of abusive child labour in the general development of the child. Those sessions, and sensibilization theaters are designed for both farmers and the local community in this matter.

– A certified organic growing method or Rainforest certification. These certifications encourage and help farmers to preserve natural resources and the environment.  Famers are trained all year long and receive technical support.

A redistribution of the cooperative’s profits by helping the farmers financially or high prices paid for the production of cocoa. In Africa life can be tuff and at some determined moment in their life farmers may need some additional financial support:  Wedding, death, school fees, Covid19.  

Kokoa Kamilli is paying the highest price for cocoa in Tanzania. Farmers are then able to decide for themselves on the best use of this extra income, whether it be upgrading their roofs, sending their children to a better school, saving for a rainy day, or simply enjoying a little more spending money. 

We work in partnership with our cocoa farmers. This is the best way for us to provide you with locally produced chocolate that respects nature and people.

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