From bean to chocolate

Our cocoa beans from Africa - Tanzania [Kamili], Ghana [Kokoo], São Tomé [CECAQ], are processed in our premises in Geneva. They go through different stages to reveal the unique character of each terroir of origin.


We take particular care in roasting our beans to preserve the red fruit fragrances of the Tanzanian beans, the fruity notes of Ghana and the woody tones of São Tomé. Roasting is done at very low temperatures and for lengths of time that are specific to the nature of each bean.

Breaking & winnowing

The beans are then grinded crushed and separated from their bitter shells by an air flow system. At this stage we obtain the nibs, very tasty cocoa chips.


The cocoa nibs are then grinded in granite millstones. At this stage the aromas are released and perfume the atmosphere.Here again, the conching time is specific to each bean.


A step that gives the chocolate crunchiness and the shiny aspect while crystallizing the flavours in the material.

Healthy and tasty recipes

We do not work our beans much to preserve the benefits of chocolate, i.e. the tonic and antioxidant properties and all the minerals and trace elements contained in cocoa.

Cocoa is rich in phosphorus, calcium and helps fight against cholesterol, benefits that it shares with rapeseed oil. Rapeseed oil is highly recommended by the Swiss Health Office and it is rich in omega 3, 6 and vitamin E.

In our recipes, the subtle combination of rapeseed oil with cocoa butter gives our chocolates the smoothness and fondant that we love so much!

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