Frequently Asked Questions

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The accepted means of payment are credit cards (VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MARTERCARD).

Currently our products can be delivered in Switzerland and in the European Union.

A grouped delivery is scheduled every week on Wednesdays.

Delivery costs vary between 07 CHF and 12 CHF depending on the weight of the order.  You will be informed of the delivery costs when you place your order.

Can I return my item and get a refund?

Any damaged product will be refunded to you on condition that you return it to us within 5 working days. The shipping costs will be taken care of by us.

Any damaged product will be refunded to you provided it is returned to us within 5 working days. Shipping costs will be borne by us.

 All our chocolates are made without any animal products.  We use organic rice milk for our ganaches or fillings.

Unfortunately, none of our products is 100% guaranteed to be free of nut allergens. On our chocolates, the warning “may contain nuts or shelled fruits” informs you that the product may contain minute traces of nuts or shelled fruits.

Keep your chocolate well wrapped and away from strong odours, in a dark, cool and dry place. The optimum storage temperature for chocolate is between 14 and 16°C. Refrigerators are therefore not suitable for storing chocolate because of their high humidity, which can lead to chocolate blanching. In summer, if the chocolate melts at room temperature, you can exceptionally store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator and place it in the lower part of the refrigerator. Allow the chocolate to rise slowly to room temperature before eating it.

Please refer to the “best before” statement printed on the packaging. The date indicated guarantees that a product consumed at the end of its shelf life always meets quality expectations when stored in the right conditions. ublossom chocolates generally have a shelf life of 9 to 12 months for tablets. As our truffles and other confectionery products are preservative-free, they should be consumed within 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

The percentage (%) indicates the amount of solid cocoa contained in the chocolate. Solid cocoa includes cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. For example: the Angolares 85% Cocoa bar contains 85% solid cocoa.

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