UBLOSSOM when nature becomes chocolate

Handcrafted and small batch chocolate
100% vegetal
Ingredients from Switzerland
Produced in Geneva from the cocoa bean

Who are we?

It was in 2018, on the tiny island of Sâo Tomé off the coast of Gabon that we first discovered the cocoa pod. Producers asked us to teach them how to make chocolate. A legitimate request according to them since as Swiss, Miguel and I naturally had to have this skill! But how do you make chocolate when you have a finance background like us? Attracted by the challenges and also by the crazy desire to change our lives, we decided to embark on the adventure: Professional reconversion in chocolate making, tests, trials and two years later our first chocolate bars were finally born!

Social and ecological impact

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The journey of cocoa

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To blossom

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Healthy chocolate

Ublossom would like to offer you a 100% vegetal chocolate made from organic cocoa and with mostly ingredients produced in Switzerland. Our treats are:

without palm oil



free of food colouring


no additives (except lecithin)


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We select our own cocoa beans, from cooperatives with both high social and ecological impact. We process our beans on our premises in Geneva (Switzerland) and we elaborate our recipes with ingredients produced in Switzerland.

Our partners and suppliers

Kokoa Kamili Cooperative

The Kokoa kamili cooperative buys at a high price the cocoa produced by 3448 farmers in the Kilombero region of Tanzania. The farmers have been practising organic farming for several generations and benefit from continuous training. The variety of cocoa planted there is the Trinitario, which was introduced into the country in 1880. Cocoa production is certified both organic and Rainforest
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Charmey Flowers

Picked in the village of Charmey in Fribourg (Switzerland) with a professional picker in the respect of nature. These flowers wonderfully perfume our ganaches.
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Soyana is an innovative Swiss family business based in Schlieren (Switzerland). Soyana’s mission is to offer a range of 100% plant-based and organic products at an economical price.
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L’Affaire TourneRêve

L’Affaire TourneRêve is an association of 15 producers who aim to create a local economy that links producers and consumers.
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Biofarm is a cooperative of organic farmers, which contributed to the creation of the bud label (the Swiss reference label for organic products). Biofarm’s mission is to create a link between consumers and producers. It promotes organic products produced in Switzerland. http://www.biofarm.ch/
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